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Hi Momma! 

Happy to see you here at Ellie&Me Mommywear! Here, we hope to be with you in all stages of motherhood (from pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond!) through our stylish yet, at the same time comfortable and functional mommywears! 

I'm Viva, a mother of two beautiful children, Ellie and Elijah, who were both breastfed until their toddler years. Just like you, it was a challenge to find fashionable nursingwears that would somehow suit my preference and standard as a modern mom. And so, the brand Ellie & Me Mommywear was born.

It's been five years since we started our shop, with the help of our wonderful and passionate production team of women, and until now, we all work hard and do our best in providing high quality and creating stylish designs that moms would surely love even after their breastfeeding journey. 

Although motherhood is quite challenging, choosing what to wear (considering all the factors that come along with it!) -- shouldn't be! Let us help you with that!

PS. You can also join our Facebook Group: Vivacious Mommas, where you can hang out with moms who are not just vivacious with themselves but in lending a hand to others as well. I also share first dibs and hold clearance sales in the group! 

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Much love and kisses,

Mommy Viv

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